Windows 9 As It Happens

Windows 9 As It Happens

Microsoft is set to unveil Windows 9 today at 1PM Eastern Time/10AM Pacific Time, and we’ve got the info! (more…)

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is the latest release in Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors spinoff series. An updated version of the 2012 Warriors Orochi 3, it follows the same hack and slash gameplay model that the series is known for: Select characters, select a stage, rampage across a map.

The game values breadth over depth. Most attack combos follow the series’ traditional string of…

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Wii U Update Lets Users Create Folders/Modify Quick Start Menu

Wii U Update Lets Users Create Folders/Modify Quick Start Menu

Version 5.2.0 for Wii U is now available for Wii U owners, and with it come a number of marginal improvements to the console functionality, particularly involving the home screen and quick start menu. The full list of improvements can be seen here. Among them, users now have the ability to create folders and organize software within said folders, and be able to hide certain software from…

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Taco Bell 6.0

As of February 10, the well known American chain of fast rood restaurants Taco Bell have decided to integrate with the future of technology. Well known as the destination for tacos and burritos, Taco Bell have announced that the company is nearly finished developing an application that will allow ordering of food via mobile. The main application seems to be takeaway but the app can likely also…

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Testing your Reflex

In a home grown twist, a new game, Reflex is gaining steam. Launched on September 20, comes an FPS that sings of days long gone. Where political correctness wasn’t even a thing and games could choose to be mindless gratuitous fun. Enter Reflex, a competitive arena based first person shooter in the veins of Unreal tournament or Quake live. Reflex takes the age old format of a 90’s fps and combines…

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What is the role of a game journalist?

What is the role of a game journalist?

That is a question many people have had this past month. What should the people working for sites they have come to trust be doing? What should be their main goal? Ultimately it should come down to this: a game journalist should always give fair, unbiased reporting that has the protection of consumers and readers always in mind.

That is just the baseline for any kind of interaction or…

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New Info From Dragon Age: Inquisition Stream

New Info From Dragon Age: Inquisition Stream

New info from Dragon Age: Inquisition was revealed during a live-stream that Bioware held. One of the things highlighted in the stream was the incredibly deep character creation system.

Which can be viewed below.

In addition to the character creation, Bioware also showed of some combat including the improved tactical view which fans…

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Good Morning, Orthodoxy! #4

Good Morning, Orthodoxy! #4

Good Morning, Orthodoxy is a series of articles examining a coordinated attack made by games journalists on August 28 and 29.  In the fourth installment, we’re going to talk about inclusion. (more…)

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Super Smash Bros. Huge Character Glitch

Super Smash Bros. Huge Character Glitch

Screenshot of the Glitch in Action!

Considered one of the funniest discoveries this week in news, a Japanese Youtube Channel (only translated to Smash Bros.) posted a video where Yoshi grows to tremendous size as the battle continues. The method used for the glitch to occur appears to be swallowing the enemy as Yoshi and spitting them out as an egg, making them grow larger and larger each time. The enemy Yoshi grows so large near…

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Shadow of Mordor Questionable Review Code Agreement Revealed

Shadow of Mordor Questionable Review Code Agreement Revealed

Earlier today, prominent Youtuber, Totalbiscuit, detailed on Twitter the possible bargain many other Youtubers may have had to take in order to get early review copies of the game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PC. Supposedly, Totalbiscuit says, Youtubers could only get early copies of Shadow of Mordor for review if they agreed to a brand deal.

As an FYI, Shadow of Mordor on PC was given out…

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